High Five – Be Positive

As I stated in this post, I will be writing daily about thinking positively and will be including my “high five” pictures with quotes!

I will start by stating the obvious – there are so many negative things in the world like violence, hunger, taxes and the general unfairness of life. Another obvious statement, I am, by nature, a “glass half empty” sort of person. Not sure if it’s a generational, psychological, or hereditary phenomenon but I am a pessimist who tries to masquerade as an optimist.


Be Positive High Five

With that being said, I’m taking the month of September to not only write about subjects on which I am educating myself – such as type indicator assessments, organizational psychology and learning and development training initiatives – but to find a way to be positive about the fact that for the second time in three years, I am being laid off due to the government contract on which I am working not being renewed.

So enough introductions, onto the Be Positive (B+) part of today’s High Five.

What do you have to be positive about?

On a basic level, we can be positive that most of us have minimum resources: food, shelter and clothing.

After that, we have electricity, running water, transportation, communication and we also have access to healthcare if needed. American psychologist Abraham Maslow detailed our needs in a pyramid starting with the physiological (food, shelter, clothing) and moving to safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualization.

I think most of us, having access to minimum resources, get hung up between safety (where’s my security in this ever-changing world?), belonging (what do my friends/partner think of me?), esteem (do others respect me?) and self-actualization (how can I accept the facts of my situation?). Of course, these do seem like “first world problems” but nonetheless keep us from being positive.

Some people say “count your blessings” and others say “what good have I done today” and I would challenge you to consider what you have to be not just happy – but positive about. For example, I have a nice home that sits on a few acres, a wonderful husband who supports me, two great dogs, and extraordinary friends that challenge me. I have the opportunity to volunteer, love to interact with people and learn something new each time I do. I dearly love running and power yoga – I find that these two activities bring me the closest to self-actualization as I may ever get! So just in the time it’s taken me to write this post, it seems that I have climbed the pyramid quite successfully. I am still working on finding security in a job but perhaps through positive thinking and by accepting the positive things I have, I can attain that security as well.

Please post in the comments if you have positive changes you would like to make, have made or need some encouragement to make!