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Hyper Writer, LLC is a technical writing and documentation service where the owner and manager is a technical writer with almost 16 years of experience in the profession. The freelance professional writing business includes obtaining short-term contracts throughout the United States by having a strong network and providing for companies in the software industry. Hyper Writer is located south of Huntsville, Alabama but provides services nationwide through travel, teleworking and video conferencing.

Excellent professional writing means producing exceptional work, delivering on time and always with an enthusiastic attitude with the tag line “Determine what you don’t know and I’ll help you understand.”

The goal of the Hyper Writer business is to provide and fill the need for temporary writing services to clients in multiple locations thereby relieving clients of the task of having to hire full-time employees at an added expense.

With a business philosophy that states that the most important aspect of holding a freelance position is to provide a service for a market that is currently being under-served, Hyper Writer offers creative ideas and solutions and can meet a company’s documentation needs within allotted time frames.



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