High Five – Change Your Perceptions

“To change ourselves effectively, we must first change our perceptions.” Aptly put by Steven Covey.

Changing one’s perception can often lead to a positive outcome. It gives you the ability to look at another person’s point of view, interpret a situation in a different way, or reevaluate an impression. It also gives you the opportunity to remove yourself from day-to-day monotony and alter your understanding. For example, if you meet a colleague at a coffee shop to discuss the ranking report or had a walking meeting with the Quality Assurance team to share statuses something more might be achieved.


“To change ourselves effectively, we must first change our perceptions.”

I walked into Panera early one morning and looked around – everyone at the tables had open laptops, were scanning i-devices, scribbling furiously or speaking animatedly with their hands. Business was being conducted, and from the looks of things, a lot was being accomplished. Simply because they were away from the distractions of the office or were in a more open environment than a cold board room with institutional gray walls. A change not only in perspective (point of view) but in perception (understanding and thought) seemed to make this alternative work.

Another way to change the perception is through walking meetings. (I always recommend walking rather than sitting at a desk all day). Walking meetings stimulate creativity; inspire new ideas and improve well-being. It also increases brain function (brainstorming!).

Through movement – not just of our feet but of our thoughts – it seems that we are changing ourselves effectively and the working world is shifting in a positive direction as well.


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