It worked for Kris Kringle & Macy’s

You know that part in Miracle on 34th Street where the disheveled mother tells Santa (aka Kris Kringle) to discourage her son from wanting ice skates for Christmas because she can’t find them at Macy’s? And what does Mr. Kringle do? He tells the boy he can have the skates for Christmas and winks at the mom, telling her later that Gimbels (a rival to Macy’s) has the skates. She is so impressed that Macy’s is not being so commercial (at Christmas!) as to only market their own store but are thinking of the customer.  She adds that she will become one of Macy’s most loyal customers because of their generous policy.

Well, let’s flash forward 60+ years into the future.  What if, say, XYZ Company’s jobs openings page matched you to a job AT ANOTHER COMPANY if they didn’t have an opening you qualified for? Here Kris Dunn of iMomentous makes an argument for that very philosophy.


TalentBin as the next recruiting tool?

I ran across this post from David Zax on Fast Company detailing how TalentBin would be giving LinkedIn a run for its (8K a year compared to a 6K a year) recruiter fee. LinkedIn relies on the member to input their resume-like information whereas TalentBin searches the web for the finer points a LinkedIn member may have left out of their profile. TalentBin is banking on the fact that your social presence on the usual sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as on Wikipedia, Meetup, GitHub and Pinterest will show a hidden talent such as sharing code you’ve written, a publication on a particular subject, comments you made to solve a specific problem or an elaborate architectural drawing you’ve made. TalentBin’s search engine seeks candidates through skills, interests and actions in the social media world.

Check out the TalentBin site for details and be sure to view their demo video!